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Stair Run Online 2

Embark on the extremely fun stair running game Stair Run Online 2, where your goal is to accumulate many stair pieces to overcome your opponents. Your longtime rival is right behind you and they are eager to win the race. Are you willing to let him win or challenge him for the championship?

Collecting stair components in time is very important to conquer obstacles. You and your opponent must run side by side on the platform if you want to win in Stair Run Online 2. Running as efficiently as possible on the platform without falling is all that is needed. As you look around the platform, you will notice that there are many dangers that you need to avoid. Building your stairs small is the best strategy to avoid these hazards when you move at that speed. You can build your stairs with the bricks you get from the platform by left clicking. Never stop building stairs until you have completely cleared the obstacles and make sure you always have spare bricks on hand. Who will be the winner in this challenging race?


  • Colorful 3D graphics.
  • Endless game platform.
  • Different skins to try.

How To Play

  • Use left click to build your stairs.
  • Press and hold the screen to make steps appear when hitting the wall.

The endless running game will never end. You can see more games with the same theme such as Man Runner 20482 Cars Run to experience. Having fun!

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