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Stickman Gradient

For those who love to play Stickman runner games, Stickman gradient is a great game. Be careful and alert to any possible obstacles in there.

You will control a slim and agile stickman, and must boldly navigate an endless course full of dangers. As you race through the city streets, do your best to avoid obstacles. That's the goal of the game. You should try to get as many yellow crystals as possible, especially the red ones, and you should make sure you have enough time to jump to the next crystal without missing it. The hero will be protected from harm by them for a short time. Because Stickman can run nonstop in Stickman Gradient, you will have to react quickly to every danger you encounter.

How To Play

  • On PC, use the mouse and left/right arrow keys to move.
  • On your mobile phone, slide your finger.

With your reflexes and situational awareness tested, can you cross the finish line unscathed? Get the job done, move on and enjoy yourself to the fullest in similar games: Stickman Ragdoll Playground, Stickman Archero Fight.

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