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Telekinesis Attack

Telekinesis Attack is a hyper-casual 3D game in which you are tasked with using special abilities to defeat all enemies and interact with a variety of items. You can choose where you throw your opponents, what you hit them with and how you deal with them!

Using your telekinetic abilities, you must fight one or more stickman enemies while invading the evildoers' office building. Throw them out the window, hit them with a bat, smash them into furniture, or use special powers to eliminate several enemies with a single blast of energy. There will be more enemies and more challenging environments as you progress through the levels, but your special powers will also increase significantly and you can use earned prizes to upgrade them. Be the best superhero with telekinesis by reaching the end of the game!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse or swipe the touch screen to deploy your forces.

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