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Toilet War: Merge Skibidi

In the action strategy game Toilet War: Merge Skibidi, you will face formidable enemies and level up your army with characters from the Skibidi universe. Strengthen your troops and unleash their full potential by combining and summoning your units.

The strangest things have happened globally recently. People of different races who were at odds with each other began to communicate and eventually form groups. Join the fight and help defeat a side in Toilet War: Merge Skibidi. If you want to achieve this, you will have to build an army that can hold its own against your strongest enemies. Similar to your opponents, initially you will be accompanied by two warriors. A two-room agent is like a Skibidi toilet, only instead of a head, it will include a satellite dish. If you can defeat them, you will win money that you can use to buy another warrior. It will give you a new, stronger look when combined with what you already have. As you go through several stages, you will get closer and closer to all kinds of toilet monsters. Get ready for this action party!

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to shoot at formidable enemies and build an army.

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