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Twerk Race 3D

About Twerk Race 3D

Twerk Race 3D is a very funny block runner game where your goal is to finish the race with the biggest body on the planet. Grab all the necessary building blocks to expand your body to continue. To win the reward at the end of the level, you need to be proactive and be the first to overcome all the challenges.

There are tons of cool skins for you to experiment with, so come and try them out! However, be cautious as there is not enough food for everyone and you will need some dexterity to survive until the end of the game. Find out when you should burn calories and when you should switch from fat to muscle. The culmination of each level is an epic ending, an intense body fight that will test your twerking talents along with your overall physical prowess. Some similar games are available for you to experience like Body Race.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and arrow keys to control the run.


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