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Vampire Survivors

About Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a thrilling game in which the player takes control of one of several playable characters and explores a vast open world. The objective of the game after you get there is to survive the onslaught of creatures. The player begins the game with only one weapon and a slew of adversaries to face. Like in a FPS Assault Shooter, players acquire experience and levels when they kill foes in this game. In this way, players can stock up on weapons, passive items, and upgradeable items that will come in handy against the increasingly formidable foes that lie ahead.

In addition to foes, the player will frequently come across light sources that can be destroyed. In the midst of battle, these illuminating sources will periodically spit out Gold Coins and other useful items. Acquiring new playable characters and useful PowerUps requires gold, which may be utilized to aid the player in future game completion efforts.

How to play Vampire Survivors

To begin, click the play button; then, use the arrow keys to navigate.


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