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Word Sprint

Word Sprint is an extremely fun crossword puzzle game, discover as many three-letter words as possible in the allotted time of two minutes. Bonus boxes can multiply your score or give you the option to exchange one letter for another that is more suitable. Your overall score can even be exchanged for power-ups or extra opportunities to play the game.

The meaning of each letter is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. When a letter is blue, its value in the word is increased by one. If it is red, the value will be tripled. If you select a wildcard that is already on the board, the lowercase letter it is replaced with will be changed to any letter that makes up a valid word. To improve your thinking, you can play some more puzzle games like Word Wipe.

How To Play

  • To form a word, you must first tap and hold a letter, then swipe over the letters adjacent to it.


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