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Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash is a super fun platform game in which you assist Santa in his quest to retrieve all his lost gifts by quickly locating those misplaced gifts. You have to complete this task in a very short period of time because you only have 60 seconds to do it. Be quick to locate those goodies and get back to your sleigh as soon as possible.
The goal of the Xmas Dash is to race and deliver gifts, but some boxes are misplaced. It is necessary to locate them and return them to the sled. While assisting Santa to quickly collect the boxes, you will need to find a gift in each level. The challenge is that you will only have one minute to find the gift and give it to the sleigh to complete the mission. The missions will become more difficult as you advance through the levels, and you will need to complete them using both your creativity and reasoning. Think before you act and you will always find the answer in Xmas Dash.

How To Play

  • Move with Arrow Keys / WASD keys
  • Jump using Z, W, J, SPACE
  • Pause the game using ESC, TAB, BACKSPACE.

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