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Yes or No Challenge Run

During the Yes or No Challenge Run journey, you not only have to run quickly across platforms but also answer questions and receive rewards. This adventure is available for both single-player and two-player modes. Choose a game mode and get ready for an exciting ride!

One or two main female characters will drive the plot. How many players participate and the mode selected will determine the difficulty. The main character will naturally walk along the trail until she reaches an archway with two yes/no paths. The screen will now display a question and you will have to choose a question. Assuming that's true, she will gain beauty points for answering questions correctly. Concentrate your mind and try to choose the path that leads to success. The questions will cover a variety of topics and will be both easy and difficult. So, show off your intelligence!


How To Play

  • Player 1: Click or click A/D to select the answer.
  • Player 2: Use left/right arrows to select.

The exciting adventure will not stop here, you can see more Puzzle collections with some games: Block PuzzleJoin Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle to improve your thinking.

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