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Gate Heroes Battle

Gate Heroes Battle is a thrilling and brand new online game where you will be tasked with supporting your character in the fight against a variety of villains. To increase your strength, you should start your journey with your lovely creatures and pass convenient gates along the way.

You will see a road ahead on the screen and your character will run along it, gaining speed as they go. To ensure that he passes through a gate of a certain color, you will need to control his decisions and behavior. Your hero will be able to arm himself and be eligible for many perks if he successfully completes these challenges. At the end of the path in Gate Heroes Battle, the adventurer will reach the arena, where he will fight the creatures waiting for him there. Be wary of any traps or obstacles that might get in your way. To defeat the final boss, you need to try to reach your strongest state.


How To Play

  • Click to use combat weapons.

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