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Muscle Challenge

In the Muscle Challenge game, you will be asked to run, consume nutritious foods and proteins, and stay away from dangerous foods, drinks and obstacles. Do you want to strengthen your muscles but don't want to go to the gym to do it?

On a large path with many obstacles as well as food and other delicacies, the character will automatically move forward. Collecting a variety of beneficial items such as broccoli, chicken thighs, carrots, vitamins, etc. is necessary for the hero to become stronger and grow larger in size. Also, make sure you don't skip the dumbbells. Your biceps will be pumped up with the help of these babies. To avoid losing weight and becoming weak again, you should avoid eating junk food and fast food. You will participate in a boss battle at the end of the course in Muscle Challenge. To beat your opponents, you must take advantage of the strong and muscular body you gain at the end of the race. Conquer him and move on to the next step.

How To Play

  • Click the AD key or left/right arrow to move.
  • Space key or mouse click to perform the punch.

Games similar to Yes or No Challenge Run and Monster Collect Run are available in our collection for you to experience. Wish you have fun!

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