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Music Rush

Music Rush is a rhythm and unlimited running game where you can play with famous musicians and try to reach the highest peak of your career. You can discover the music genre that best suits you by listening to fifteen different unique tracks.

As you progress through the game, both the songs and environments change to reflect your progress. There are many different types of music, including electronic, rock, disco, pop, K-pop, classical, samba, Latina, reggae, rap, medieval, dungeon, country, and more. Will encounter obstacles in the form of other balls on the way. As you move through the area, you will be able to collect balls that are the same color as yours. Try your best to accumulate as many coins as possible. With these coins you will be able to unlock accessories that can be used on your ball. If you are still alive when the music ends then you have successfully completed a level. You can unlock the next level with another tune using this. Discover a variety of amazing powers that can change your music experience and other features.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • 15 tracks to unlock.
  • Addictive entertainment.

How To Play

  • Click to avoid obstacles according to the music.

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