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Sniper Shooter

In the unique shooting game Sniper Shooter, you play as a seasoned hero with unparalleled expertise, positioning yourself strategically to get the perfect shot. Your task is to locate targets as they pass through the streets, guided by indicators.

The rooftop of the nearby building, where you will meticulously observe and destroy the next target. It's important to stay alert and pay attention to your ammo count. Once you have your target in sight, take a moment to stabilize your aim, controlling your breathing just before pulling the trigger. The error rate is very small, requiring an exceptional level of precision. Get ready for an exciting experience as you embark on your mission to wipe out your city of crime once and for all. Are you ready to challenge your accuracy?


How To Play

  • Left click to select weapon.
  • Right click to shoot.
  • Move the mouse to look around and aim.

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