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Zombie Frontier Shooter

Zombie Frontier Shooter is an exciting survival game in which you play as a sniper hunter on a mission to eliminate undead creatures around the world. This game is full of excitement and also has a third-person shooter game mode. Are you ready to take up arms and fight?

In a world where a deadly disease has turned ordinary people into vicious zombies, the general population is in a constant state of fear. On the other hand, individual survivors are required to take action and participate in the fight against the zombie menace that can end their lives. They must transform into fierce zombie shooters who will do everything to protect their turf in Zombie Frontier Shooter. The approaching zombies are undead that don't require you to shoot at them.

Once you get close enough, your character will start shooting automatically until all the zombies are eliminated. If you defeat all the zombies in the current level, you will be able to complete the game. Be the last survivor!

How To Play

  • Click to shoot to eliminate zombies.

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